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Rediscovering the River Colne is a ground breaking project that aspires to bring the River Colne to the heart of Watford Town and its people. The project will see the Colne corridor become a positive asset.

Habitat and Access - provide a habitat and access improvement strategy for the following public sites within the area covered by Watford Borough Council

Environmental Monitoring - provide a robust citizen science monitoring programme that will engage local volunteers in monitoring the health of the river as it improves throughout the project.

Site Maintenance - provide a detailed maintenance programme in order to ensure that the benefits delivered at each site are maintained and further enhanced on an ongoing basis.

Community Engagement - A fully inclusive engagement strategy will be implemented in order to ensure the people of Watford are involved with each element of the project we deliver. 


Welcome to the Tales of the River project - a three-year initiative funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund (TNLHF) in partnership with Watford Borough Council, Groundwork and Watford Museum. Our goal is to share the rich history of the River Colne, which has shaped Watford's story for centuries, while also restoring the river corridor and promoting biodiversity.

By engaging with our community through a range of activities and events, we hope to strengthen the links between the river's natural and industrial heritage and the people of Watford.

Over the next three years, we will work closely with the community to design engaging events and activities that will reach individuals who may not normally engage with nature or heritage initiatives.

Our programme will include opportunities for individuals to develop their environmental skills and to learn about the river's heritage, which will ultimately lead to greater engagement and positive changes in ideas and actions.

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