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CCP tackles invasive crayfish and balsam species

Sandy Belloni, Community Connection Projects CIC (CCP), has cleared 2,309 Signal Crayfish and 3,400 Himalayan Balsam plants from the River Colne to date (since January and June respectively), all for the benefit of local habitats.

Signal Crayfish and Himalayan Balsam are invasive, non-native species (INNS), and are risking the survival of our native animals, plants and insects.

INNS are species (plant, animal, insect etc.) that are not from this country, but have been introduced through importation for domestic use, and have found their way into our natural habitats. These species then take over by carrying diseases our native species cannot withstand, which leads to survival of the fittest.

Positively though, fewer have been eradicated than in 2019, which saw 10,000 plants removed and 7,438 Crayfish. Next year, the work will also focus on Orange Balsam removal, as this is also an INNS.

You can follow to work of CCP on ‘Watford in the Water’ Facebook page, as well as the Rediscovering the River Colne website.

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