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At the heart of Watford lies the scenic and vibrant River Colne, a vital natural resource that enriches our community. We invite you, our valued residents, to be the voice of this cherished waterway by sharing your unique experiences and insights.

Why Participate? Your input is crucial in understanding how the River Colne is utilised and appreciated within our community. By taking just a few minutes to complete this survey, you contribute to the collective knowledge that will guide future initiatives, ensuring the river remains a source of pride and enjoyment for all.

What We Want to Know 

  • Knowledge and awareness: How familiar are you with the River Colne and its features? 

  • Usage patterns: Do you enjoy recreational activities along the river? Share your favorite spots and activities

  • Community impact: How does the River Colne contribute to your sense of community?

  • Improvement suggestions: What enhancements would you like to see to make the river experience even better?


How to get involved:

  • Take our survey: Spare just 5 minutes to answer our survey questions. Your responses will shape the future of the River Colne in Watford.

  • Spread the word: Encourage your neighbours and community to participate. The more voices, the richer the insights!

  • Stay informed: Sign up for updates to stay informed about the survey results and upcoming initiatives related to the River Colne.

Thank you for being an integral part of preserving and enhancing the beauty of the River Colne. Together, let's ensure it continues to be a source of joy, inspiration, and community pride!




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