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Get ready for an exciting adventure along the River Colne

Prepare to be captivated by the beauty of Watford's natural landscapes in 2024!

Our specially curated ‘Tales of the River’ activities invite you to explore the heritage of the River Colne in exciting new ways made possible thanks to The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

  • Travelling Tales – Local schools and community organisations can book for a captivating tour of the river’s enchanting history through the generations.

  • Upcoming podcast series – Dive into the river’s secrets with our intriguing podcast series where the mysteries and hidden treasures are uncovered.

  • River Ambles: Lace up your walking shoes for delightful walks along the riverbanks. Discover the serenity and scenic beauty of the River Colne first-hand.

  • Wild Play: Families can engage in eco-friendly activities by the river, connecting with the natural world hands-on.

  • Ask Me Anything: Have burning questions about the River Colne? Our experts are here to quench your curiosity. No query is too small or too big!

In 2022, The National Lottery Heritage Fund awarded over £246,000 to Watford Council, and partners Groundwork East, to deliver a three-year project called ‘Tales of the River’. This programme of events and activities with communities, local groups and schools is designed to strengthen links between the River Colne’s natural heritage. It is also providing an opportunity for those to learn more about how the River Colne has shaped Watford’s history. In support of our ‘Rediscovering the River Colne’ project, it tells the next chapter of the river’s story which comes at a pivotal time as our natural world faces ever-greater challenges from a pivotal time.

Thanks to the generous support from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, with thanks to National Lottery Players, this programme of events and activities is available for free.

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, said: "We believe everyone deserves to hear the incredible story of the River Colne. From history buffs to nature lovers, there's something for everyone in this epic journey. Join us to make memories, explore the river, and foster a shared love for the River Colne. Let's embark on this adventure together!”

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