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Watford goes green for COP26

Last week Groundwork East ran a series of events to encourage local residents to use their local green spaces, and highlight the importance of sustainability and environmental awareness.

This comes as the world leaders met for COP26 – the climate change summit. Families of young children attended fun sessions in Oxhey Park, for some play in natural surroundings. Parents and children got stuck into nature crafts, reading popular story books, and exploring wildlife. This highlighted the importance of green spaces, especially in an urban environment, and that we need to look after them for future generations to enjoy.

COP26 week also saw the start of Get Outdoors, Get Active (GIGA) sessions. GOGA is a 6-week programme to encourage adults to keep fit in local parks with others from the local area. The first session was a great success as participants walked along the River Colne hearing about the Rediscovering the River Colne programme and taking part in a basic fitness circuit, aimed at improving their physical and mental health. We look forward to future sessions and invite everyone to attend! Find out more.

Local residents also had the opportunity to learn about water sustainability; including how their water usage affects the local river Colne, and how adjusting their use can not only help the river’s health but save money on their water bills too! There will be plenty of information during the following months about how small actions can make a huge difference to local heritage – keep an eye out on Groundwork East’s social media channels!

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